Lily De Mai Founder Story


I know sensitive skin. I’ve lived the daily struggle to manage the intense burning, itching and extreme redness. I understand how the flare-ups of hives, eczema, and rashes can make you feel horribly unattractive and constantly self-conscious. At my skin’s worst people have stared at me and asked – what’s wrong with your face?

In 2008 I decided I was not going to accept living with my reactive skin any longer. I was determined to learn how to soothe and repair it. My first step was aesthetician training at New York’s Aveda Institute. I began to understand the physiology of skin and what triggers sensitivity.  How using harsh ingredients and the wrong products create a painful cycle of inflammation, redness and dryness.

Committed to learning more, I continued my studies at New York’s Dermal Institute and worked in spas across the city.  Over 9 years I’ve learned that the key to beautiful, healthy skin is not found in the latest skincare trend or exotic ingredient.  The key is helping your skin create a strong, solid skin barrier that keeps irritants out and hydration in.  And supporting it with skin-identical ingredients, it needs to thrive. Beautiful skin requires you to ignore the hype and trust that your skin can balance itself given the right care.

The first time I helped calm and heal a client’s skin was incredibly rewarding. I still feel a thrill each time a woman learns how to properly care for her skin and her feelings of frustration and discouragement are replaced with hope and empowerment. That is why I created LILY DE MAI.  Simple, effective skin care powered by a select group of natural and cosmeceutical ingredients that truly help sensitive skin.  So you are beautiful and confident in your skin every day!