Lily De Mai Founder Story


I know sensitive skin. Like many women, I’ve experienced the daily struggle to calm my burning, itching, red, reactive skin. Feeling frustrated and self-conscious, I searched for gentle, natural skincare that would soothe my irritated skin and provide the anti-aging benefits I desired. More than just treating my skin with products, I wanted to understand why it was so sensitive, how it worked, and what I needed to do to achieve calm, healthy, beautiful skin.

In 2008, I made a commitment to study skincare and received my esthetician training at the Aveda Institute NYC. I also undertook advanced education at the Dermal Institute NYC and completed a diploma in clinical aromatherapy. I worked in spas in NYC and as a brand ambassador for several natural skincare companies. I developed a passion for helping women manage and overcome their skincare problems and build confidence in their beauty.  

Through my training, I've developed a deep understanding of and appreciation for the skin's natural processes of regeneration and balance, as well as the primary importance of the protective skin barrier. I’ve learned that the key to a calm and radiant complexion is not found in the latest skincare trend or exotic ingredient. The key to beautiful skin is nourishing and supporting it with a select group of clinically proven organic botanicals, high-performance actives, and the bio-compatible, skin identical ingredients it recognizes and needs to be calm, hydrated, healthy, and radiant.

Working with like-minded industry experts in the fields of cosmetic chemistry, aromatherapy, and herbalism, I created LILY DE MAI for myself and other women who want gentle, high-performance skincare that integrates the best of nature and science. LILY DE MAI was created for you.


Realize and express your unique beauty and love your sensitive skin!