Ingredient Spotlight: Shiso Oil

Ingredient Spotlight: Shiso Oil



What is Shiso Oil?

Shiso Oil is extracted from the seeds of the Perilla frutescens plant, a leafy herb that is a member of the mint family. It originates from Asia and has long been used in Chinese medicine. It is also commonly known as known as “Perilla”, “wild basil” and “purple mint”.


The Composition of Shiso Oil

Shiso Oil has been recognized as an exceptionally rich source of skin-nourishing fatty acids, particularly Omega-6 linoleic (13-20%) and Omega-3 alpha-linolenic (54-64%). In fact, perilla oil consistently exhibits one of the highest proportions of Omega -3 fatty acids of any plant oil, between 54-64%. The Omega-6 fatty acid component is usually around 14%. Fatty acids are a key component of the protective skin barrier and are necessary for skin health.

Shiso Oil also contains many phytonutrients including polyphenols, terpenoids, phenolics, flavonoids, cyanogenic glycosides, and anthocyanins.


How Does Shiso Oil Benefit Sensitive Skin?

Shiso Oil contains a compound which acts as a natural precursor for ceramides. This paired with its high omega-3, omega-6 content makes it excellent in restoring and supporting the protective skin barrier. When you apply Shiso Oil to your skin you are replenishing the natural components of your skin barrier. This helps to keep skin hydrated, prevents irritants and bacteria from entering your skin and aids in maintaining optimum skin pH and beneficial bacteria. A strong, stable skin barrier means calm, hydrated healthy skin.

Additionally, linolenic acid (Omega-3 acid), soothes, repairs and provides powerful antioxidant protection for mature skin. While linoleic acid (Omega-6) exhibits excellent antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities. This makes it perfect for oily and acneic skin types.

To top it off Shiso Oil is rich in flavones, polyphenols (particularly rosmarinic acid), and triterpenoids (particularly ursolic acid). These constituents offer anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-allergic qualities. Calming skin, reducing acne-causing bacteria and helping to prevent free-radical-induced damage to the skin cells, which can result in wrinkles, sagging skin and pigmentation spots.

Soothing, anti-bacterial, antioxidant, and skin barrier revitalizing, Shiso Oil provides a multitude of benefits for sensitive skin. It’s a star ingredient in our HARMONY Omega 3 | 6 Recovery Serum, HARMONY Body Serums, and SANCTUARY Vita 3 | Anti-Ox Defense Serum. 




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The information provided on this blog is for educational purposes only and should not be considered medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.  Always seek the advice of your physician or qualified health provider with any concerns or questions about a persistent problem or medical condition.

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